Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BizarreRecords videos!

Thanks to Youtube and other streaming video sites, I've now added video clips to bizarrerecords.com! I managed to turn up some pretty cool old footage of some BR favorites.

Here's a few highlights:

  • The Little Marcy Show!

  • Jose Jimenez in the The Bill Dana Show:

  • Great old Johnny Hallyday footage:

  • Millie Jackson on Soul Train:

  • The TINO story:

  • Justin Wilson is wondermous, I garontee:

Check out the complete list here: http://bizarrerecords.com/new.html

I'm also surprised at who I CANNOT find video. Max Bygraves? Tammy Faye? Mrs. Miller? If anybody has video of folks like this, post it on Youtube and lemme know!